MobiKwik Mobile App: Makes Your Bill Payment too easy is one of the much preferred recharging platforms over the web in India. It has presently appeared with a latest and one of the finest applications of android. The best part of the process is that its appearance and procedures are perfect like a site. Anyway, the users can go through for Mobikwik Online […]

Why Browser Based Games are Getting Popular These Days

Nowadays, it is not necessary to have a PC with extremely high graphics configuration or a damn expensive console if you want to enjoy top-notch games! Yes, you heard us right! Thanks to those tremendous developments in world of Web Design and Web Development, we’re now able to play superb games, both single player and […]

Best Gaming App for iOS: 888 App

Mostly due to advancements made in the world of web development and other related sections, online-based casino has become a common thing on internet. Now, as the whole tech world has stepped into a ‘mobile’ version, in which everyone wants everything available on the go, online casino has cleared its way for something else — […]

DealGuru-The Ultimate Shopping Destination in India

The advent of online shopping portals have ushered a new revolution in the shopping scenario. You need not even leave the comfort of your living room, and the product you pick up from these websites in your wish list will be delivered right at your website, at a minimal cost. Plus, you can get some […]

Behind the Wheel? — Looking at Self-Driving Cars

You may have seen driverless vehicles in Sly Stallone’s futuristic action movie Demolition Man, but the film’s vision hasn’t been wide of the mark in the end. Recently, the prospect of such vehicles edged even closer, as the United Kingdom announced that it would allow trials of the vehicles to be carried out on public roads […]