The best satisfaction you can get from your old phone

Throw away the old stuffs. This used to be the common perception of the humans in earlier days. Time has changed, and so the mind. It’s the time when people are keen on reinventing a product. However, things get different when it comes about an older gadget. They found to be pretty clueless on these […]

How will VR Technology Change Our Mobile Gaming Experience?

When it comes to gaming, it is undeniable that bigger consoles like the Xbox One, PS4, and even the Nintendo Wii are way more superior compared to your smartphones and tablets. However, it does not mean that mobile device manufacturers are not trying innovative ways to improve the gaming experience in small screens. With the […]

Property Rental Trends in Mumbai in the New Year

The New Year saw the application of the new ready reckoner rates in property sales in Mumbai. As a result of this new regulation applicable from January 1, 2015 the prices of properties in numerous localities of the city would shoot up. However this move of the government comes after the city received a massive […]

Why do you look for simple, fast, hassle free payments?

It is a common human nature that we look for things that help us in our day to day activities and thus make our lives simple, hassle free, smoother and easier. Every little thing can be a reason of worry to you if not handled or taken care properly. With the advancement of technology, several […]

A Roundup of the Best Smartwatches for 2015

If Google Glass is a little too in-your-face but you still like the idea of wearing your smart device, smartwatches can be the perfect companion to a traditional smartphone. Rather than digging in your pocket to check every single notification, you can simply sneak a peek at your wrist to stay on top of correspondence. […]