10 Awesome iPad And iPhone Games You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

The number of games you can choose from for your iPhone or iPad is very impressive. There are literally hundreds of thousands of games and apps online so try out a few of the best unheard of games to get you started…

Handheld gaming has taken an unexpected turn with the growth of the iPhone and the iPad. The devices do a fantastic job as acting as a handheld game system and, with hundreds of thousands of games to choose from, they are growing more and more popular by gamers and tech lovers alike. There are an unbelievable number of games and apps to choose from on the App Store. The most difficult part is probably sifting through them to find some that you like! Here are 10 awesome games that you’ve probably not heard of; give them a try…

iPhone games

1. Pizza Vs. Skeletons takes you to battle in space, in the sea, and on land! This game is fun and certainly silly; take on the form of a 25-foot-tall pizza and face battles against the un-dead! With 110 levels and 3 different tiers on each of those levels, you will be busy with this one for a long time!

2. If you are a lover of the old board games, then you will love Stitches! This is an apps answer to the classic board game Operation and get you up close and personal in the operating theatre as you fight to save lives and remove organs!

3. Bumpy Road is a really addictive, thought provoking game. You control a couple on their car journey whilst they take a trip down memory lane. Tap the screen to guide them and find memories along the way!

4. If you are looking for some old-school shooting action then its Buster Spirits for you; shoot your way through 4 worlds and 20 levels to battle against the bosses whilst trying to keep up with everything on screen!

5. We Rule Deluxe is a great virtual reality game which allows you to create your very own world! New content is constantly being released and there are already over 1000 buildings and decorations for you to choose from. Be a part of challenges against other web users for a fantastic multi-player experience. You need to be online to play this one so make sure you have a good data plan; look out for some great SIM only deals using a side by side comparison online.

6. League of Evil 2 is one that you will have heard of if you played the popular prequel League of Evil. Well, now there is a sequel and you can take back your form of the super-agent in over 100 levels of battles against evil.

7. Rush to catch sushi rolls falling from the sky with Sushi Boy! This addictive game has short rounds, and many of them, so you can work your way through to new powers! Find pets along the way to help you catch those rolls!

8. Bean’s Quest is one for you if you are a Mario Bros fan. Bounce your way to save Bean’s girlfriend through 50 levels and 5 unique worlds. A great platform game to keep you entertained for hours!

9. Shake Spears! HD is a great adventure game packed with action. Take on evil bosses and special abilities to battle through four worlds. Be the knight in shining armour and face the epic bosses.

10. Help Aby, the unluckiest raccoon, escape his pursuers! Aby Escape never stops; this is a fast-paced, fun-filled game with 50 challenges and extra powers to unlock along the way. Accelerate, slide and jump to escape bikers, hunters and even the police!

There are plenty of pretty cool games to choose from that will guarantee you hours of entertainment. Give some of these a try for size and see which one gets you hooked! That is the great thing about iPhones and iPads; there are so many to choose from and so many with great reviews! When are you going to find the time to try all of the ones you want to! Pick from the best for starters and begin a great gaming marathon, right on your phone.

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