10 reasons to use E-mail marketing

If you want to promote your services, offer a promotion or want to retain your customers, E-mail marketing is one of the most effective methods to attract the attention of your target. E-mail Marketing gives you instant contact with your customers and greater freedom in organizing campaigns among your visitors and customers.e-mail marketing

E-mail marketing helps in developing your business by offering the following benefits:

1. It’s cheap: E-mail Marketing is not only much cheaper than advertising in the media, but it is also the most economical thanks to the inexpensive acquisition of new customers having the ability to retain existing customers. The only expenses you will be having purchasing of E-mail marketing software to start your mailing campaigns.

2. It’s fast: After opening the email, your recipients can take immediate action without wasting much time. Words that take the “call to action” offers a specific task to your audience, such as: visit, call, download, play and develop. All these possibilities can have best conversion rate.

3. Global Reach: You will be having global reach through E-email marketing; you can send promotional messages to your audience in the world and have a great advantage of advertising through the media.
4. It can strike the audience: Can make your E-mailing campaigns more effective and targeting potential prospects, eager to make a purchase decision. More targeted your audience is, the more you get better results after a campaign mailing.

5. It strengthens the relationship with the customer: If you send periodic emails, people who are interested in your products and / or services but does not have interest right now will remember you when necessary. Build a loyal relationship with clients is essential to overlook the extra costs.

6. It allows customization: When done correctly, personalization can be a great way to deepen your relationship with the customers. Electronic marketing software can automatically insert the recipient’s name in the “name”.

7. It supports segmentation: Can assure you that your message was received by those who are most likely to be interested in your offer, thanks to the segmentation of your E-mail list using criteria such as age, sex, region, etc …

8. Tracked results: With E-mail marketing, you can use “tracker”, what happened after sending campaign: it provides data on the recipients who opened your email, which was sent to other parties, which links they clicked and which of them are without a subscription. This data can help you refine your approach and your business.

9. By E-mail marketing your audience can be increased with the option to follow. If you use a link to track your message, you can know who sent the e-mail to other correspondents.

10. Cross-selling and Sales: You can inform you customers about other products that could be useful for them.

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