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HCL ME U1 – a budget tablet

HCL introduced itself in tablet market with the launch of two budget tablets named as HCL ME U1 and MyEdu powered with Ice Cream Sandwich which will be available from April 2012. Now let’s talk about the technical specifications and features of both tablets. Firstly coming to HCL ME U1, it is equipped with a

Want an iPhone 5? Let’s know about it

Apple yesterday unveiled the iPhone 5. iPhone 5 is thinner and lighter, the screen is now longer: 4 “diagonal. Appropriate applications can display more information, others will have a black band at the top and bottom of the screen. It’s processor A6 is powerful twice, with graphics that approach those of a gaming console. Gamers will appreciate it! The

How to Synchronize music to your iPhone, iPod or iPad without iTunes

9 iTunes alternatives: Are you using Apple products and thinking to synchronize or transfer music files or videos file without using iTunes? iTunes is the default way of synchronizing music to Apple products i.e iPod, iPad and iPhones but iTunes supports Windows and Mac only. So Linux users who use Apple products have to search

How to move your Photos from Flickr or Picasa to Facebook

Are you using Flickr  or Picasa for keeping your photos on Internet and want to move your photos to Facebook? Ok now tell me how you are going to do this? Are you thinking to download all photos and then to upload them to Facebook? OR Are you thinking to install a third party application

Play and Pause Media Player by showing your hand to PC

Do not get surprised by title of the post! If you are Windows 7 or Mac user then you need not to get up from your bed to play or pause movies or songs playing in media player. Flutter an application which supports on Windows 7 and Mac OS allows you to play/pause Windows Media Player with

Create Password for Pen Drive

Are you keeping your data in Pen Drive and want no one can see your data? Then don’t worry I am here with a utility using which you can protect your Pen Drive with a password means you can create a password for your Pen Drive. Download USB Safeguard USB Safeguard is a portable utility

10 WordPress plugins a blogger cannot survive without

If you are reading this post means you are also a WordPress Blogger. A WordPress Blogger must know how to optimize his blog using plugins. Today many WordPress plugins are available and almost for everything. I should not waste your time in telling what is the role of plugin and how to use it because

Google offers its Chromebook for rent

Google offers its Chromebook at a monthly rental with no time commitment with a sliding scale that starts at $ 30 per month. Google recently introduced in the United States service location for its laptops Chromebook . The system allows machines to rent monthly, no time commitment. Prices start at $ 30 per month for the first 12 months and then spend