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New Year Giveaway: $100 PayPal Balance

      ————-Winner Announced————– Welcome to our New Year 2013 Giveaway. On the occasion of New Year 2013, we are not giving away any software, Its the time for cash giveaway. FTechBlog is giving away 100 USD as PayPal Balance on this New Year. If have PayPal id, you are most welcome to join

Know the Difference between LCD and LED TV

Thinking of buying a TV but you lost to the choices available to you. And especially ask you this question: what is the difference between LCD and LED TV? We will try to answer, starting with understanding what the acronyms LED and LCD: Definition LCD : from English “Liquid Crystal Display”, the acronym stands for “Liquid Crystal

20 essential software for Windows 8 PC

Scan and Fix Windows Registry Errors now The holiday season has approached and some of you may be preparing or already prepared their Christmas gifts. At the foot of the tree, between PCs, tablets and hybrids, Windows 8 may be well represented. In this article you will find 20 essential software for windows 8 which we feel can

Forza Horizon – Race it Right

A racing game from Microsoft’s den! Even the cynics should confess that it is a brilliant game. Forza Horizon is a racing game and scores high on thrill front. Forza Horizon version is more improved and the players are required to get involved in a tough act but perform wise, it obviously deserves a top

Pros and Cons of Responsive Web Design

Presentation of Responsive Web Design If you are interested in evolution of the Web, here’s one that makes a lot of attention. It is responsive Web Design which is a clever formula to make a user-friendly site and adapted to mobile media and traditional media. Each change brings its own set of questions. It is interesting to