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How to clean your Facebook profile and make it presentable

Facewash is a new Web application specially designed to protect the privacy of Facebook users by eradicating articles and photos that could harm their reputation. Once connected to a Facebook account, Facewash the site scans not only the news feeds but also status, photos and links that refer to the profile in question to identify the elements

Some useful tips for purchasing a Good Phone

Buying a new device is always something to be really excited about. When this device is a mobile phone, then you can really feel the level of excitement. Once if a person explores the market for a device, there are certain things he needs to look at, there are many points which needs to be

Galaxy Grand Duos – A perfect Preview

The latest device, the Korean Company comes up with is this Galaxy Grand Duos GT-I9082.  It is a 5 inch cheap phone, and is mad to fit in those empty sacks , made by Note 2.0.  So lets have a look at the specifications. Specifications: It has a 5inch , TFT screen with LCD display

Free Mobile Phone Tools Downloads

Software for managing or personalizing the mobile phones are found on the free downloads software category of the technology websites. These free software are compatible with Nokia, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, LG, Google Android and more depending for which they are built. While some are supported by most of the brands, rest are made brand specific.

How to Network a Laptop to Stream on TV With PS3

Creating a home network that lets your PS3 and laptop communicate with each other doesn’t take as much work as you might think. In fact, it’s fairly simple when you have the right instructions and you take time to set up the network correctly the first time. Connecting the PS3 to a Network If you

EA Launches ‘Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 ‘Masters Historic Edition’

Electronic Arts, one of the ace video game developers and pioneers in developing sports based titles have announced that their next venture – ‘Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14’, will feature a ‘Masters Historic Edition’ that allows the players to travel back in time and play the reputed game of golf, as it was then. One

The Lowdown on the New Google Play Developer Console

With the introduction of the Google Play Developer Console, open to every Android app developer, it is easy to develop applications with complete control of its design and implementation mode. As an easy-to-use console, it allows developers to fully manage their app portfolio and to publish updates along with newer versions of their applications. What

Is Game development on Android platform challenging??

For thousands of developers around the world, the Android platform represents a revolution in the art form of gaming. Capturing a magic unseen since the end of the ZX Spectrum, the easily-accessible platform allows indie developers more freedom to create both entertaining and visually arresting games within a relatively short space of time and with