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Best Logos worldwide according to readers choice

Our article “Top Ten Logos Ever | Most Popular Logos” is becoming popular among our readers and we are receiving many comments saying that you have not mentioned their favorite logo in this list. We have created this post for our readers so that they can tell us which is their favorite logo that should be

Facebook will introduce its own smartphone | Facebook Smartphone

On Thursday April 4, Facebook could launch a smartphone with an Android operating system dedicated to the social network. Facebook Team has invited the local media in their premises, Menlo Park, California (United States) for a press conference on 4 April. The purpose of this visit leaves little room for doubt: “Come and see our new home on Android” and proclaims

FTechBlog Free Genesis Child Theme

We are very pleased to announce the release of FTechBlog Genesis child theme, our first FREE Theme! FTechBlog Child Theme is using the Genesis Framework and made simple and ready to use for every blogger. As I mentioned, this is our first theme, I am expecting few negative comments which are always welcome so that

Facebook: Reply to a comment on a Page, from myth to reality

For several months, Facebook was testing a feature expected by many users: the ability to respond to a comment with a suitable layout. The social network announced that it was now available to all pages optionally … before becoming compulsory from July. Aware of the difficulty of following some conversations in the comments, Facebook worked for several

Biggest cyberattack slows down Internet


How G+, Facebook and Twitter are Affecting the ‘Real’ World

There’s a popular phrase on the Internet, “In Real Life”. Usually it’s used to distinguish between the real life where everybody has a job and responsibilities and the wacky hi-jinks of the Internet. The problem, of course, is that the difference is becoming increasingly blurry, both in terms of our daily life reflecting on our

Dell XPS 12: An Expert in Dual Role!

Later part of last year has witnessed many of the Ultrabooks being shipped across, with Windows 8 loaded onto them. Windows 8 has given a new dimension to the Ultrabooks, as users can enjoy the experience of having both laptops and tablets, in the form of one Ultrabook. With most of the hybrid models, a

The Ultimate Smack Down: Atomizers vs Cartomizers

Before you make the switch to electronic cigarettes, there are a lot of things you should think about. There is no point in rushing with your decision, because it is not like you will smoke an electronic cigarette and throw it away the same way you would normally do with regular cigarettes. You have to