5 Affordable gadgets in this era

With ample amount of gadgets in the market, choosing one that does not drain your wallet is a difficult task. The gadgets lure you with their stylish looks and trendy features. By the time you realize the fact, you would have already purchased it. However, there are numerous gadgets that come at affordable rates. Let’s take a look at a few gadgets that can fit anyone’s budget.

Amazon Kindle

Are you looking for a gadget that is fast, light and small? Amazon Kindle kindleperfectly fits the criteria. It is one of the best e-readers in the market. You can store hundreds of novels, magazines, newspapers and many more to read at your leisure. Amazon Kindle is Wi-Fi equipped so you can use it as a portable computer. Are you bored of reading the same novel?  Access Amazon Store, download new titles and start reading while on the move. The Non-Glare screen is a perfect companion for your eyes while indoors and outdoors. Experience the feel of reading a printed page with Amazon Kindle.

Apple TV

Apple TV is an entertainment hub to watch movies, TV shows, photos, music apple tvand many more. Gain access to iTunes, Netflix, Hulu Plus, YouTube and your most loved sport on Apple TV. Have you ever imagined TV in the palm of your hands? If yes, here comes the Apple TV which neatly fits your palm. This small and efficient device carries few interesting enhancements. Take a look at a few of them:

  • AirPlay – Contents from iPhone, iPad and iPod can be wirelessly streamed to your widescreen TV.
  • iCloud- Purchase movies, TV shows, store photos and other contents. You can watch the stored data in any portable device like iPhone, iPad, iPod and Apple TV.
  • iTunes Match- Subscribers of iTunes Match can access the entire music collection from iCloud.

iPod shuffle

With plenty of gadgets available in the market, iPod shuffle remains as one of ipod shufflethe best music gadgets. The big external control pad with the music control options is user-friendly. On pressing the VoiceOver button the recorded voice lets you know the song title, playlist name and battery status. iPod shuffle comes in attractive colors and allows you to carry your music album wherever you go. The following are its enticing specifications:

  • 2GB storage
  • Built-in battery that gets fully charged in about 3 hours
  • Weighs about 12.5 grams
  • Can charge using USB or power adapter

Music lovers get a hold on iPod shuffle which comes at a reasonable cost.

Canon A800 PowerShot

Do you love to own a digital camera? Canon A800 is the right pick for you. Thiscanon-powershot-a800 is a compact digital camera packed with enticing features. The camera comes in three gorgeous colors silver, black and red. With an average weight of 186 grams, the camera finds a permanent place in your bag. Capture pictures from long distance with the 4x digital zoom. Enjoy shooting in different modes like Portrait, Snow, Sunset, Fireworks, etc. Enhance your photography skills with Canon A800 PowerShot!

Apple Wireless Keyboard

This keyboard uses Bluetooth technology to connect to your computer or iPad.apple wireless keyboard You can place the keyboard anywhere within 30 feet range and connect to your computer without any difficulty. Its slim design gives a unique look to your desk and keeps it less cluttered.

These are just a few of the many affordable gadgets in the market. There is no doubt that gadgets make your life easier, trouble-free and much more interesting.

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