5 Android Applications to add text to your photos

When we look at pictures memories come to our mind, but we may be forgetting some details like dates or small curiosities. I remember that trunk of my house is full of black and white photos. I loved to turn them over and discovered that they had something written. Here we present 5 Free Android apps to add text to your photos.

SkitchskitchSkitch Evernote developers belongs Corp, known to all by the application of the same name. Through it we can add arrows and text to our photos, and draw directly on it some element. Of course, after you’ve edited may share it on Twitter or Facebook. A very useful application to add comments or names of people to our snapshots and then save them in Evernote.

Comic Strip It! procomicThe ultimate application for fans of the comics. With Comic Strip it! you can create authentic vignettes with our photographs. The application offers lots of designs to choose from. This application offers the option of taking pictures at the time or catch them in our gallery. Not for hours, because you want to play with her all the time.

Snap Chop Litesnap chopThe difference of Snap Chop is that this application chooses the sentence for you. It’s pretty fun to drive around with friends. The only drawback is that the phrases are in English only. But if you know the language I can assure you that the phrases are pretty funny. Anyway you can also create your directory and phrases that the application choose from there.

Caption ItcaptionOne of the simplest applications to add text to your images. It also offers the option of dictation, through which the sentences are read and written. With Caption It, you can write what comes to your mind at the time of photography, spoken or written form, place name, date, or the people who are with you and share it with your friends.

Label Pluslabel

With Label Plus we can not only add text to our photos, but we can decorate with many elements. Turn your photos into unique with your personal touch. It is very easy to use. Certainly a good application for creating our own invitations or cards.

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