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Online shopping has increased in popularity. Therefore, mobile apps geared toward online shoppers and made it easier for those to shop with their mobile phones. Online shopping offers the opportunity to compare prices, get hard to find items, and even research a product and customer ratings before purchasing. If you are standing in the isle of your favorite store, these mobile apps can help you decide on what to purchase and whether you are getting the best price possible.

In this article you will find 5 iPhone apps for secure online shopping

online shopping


There is one name that always stands out in online shopping. Now you can carry that name with you wherever you go. The Amazon app allows users to research a product, find the best price, and even order through your phone using your credit card, Paypal, or by signing into your Amazon account. All the savings you are accustomed to are now mobile and right at your finger tap.


With this app, you won’t be limited to the price in the store. RedLaser is an app that allows iPhone users to scan a barcode and compare the prices of items with other local stores and online retailers. This free app that can save your hundreds of dollars per year. If you want to see what people are saying about the product you’re looking at, scan the code, search online retailers, and see what customers reviews say about the item.


If your schedule is full and you have no time to shopping, this is the shopping companion for you. myShopanion allows you to browse items by category, search for specific items and even purchase the items directly from your phone. Just enter in your credit card information and you’re ready for mobile shopping. You can even view ratings from other shoppers before purchasing if you are unsure of the purchase.

Shopping Goddess:

If shopping is your life, both online and off, then you can become a Shopping Goddess. This app connected you to a mobile network of fellow shoppers to discuss, compare, and review products and the best places to shop. If you are interested in a product, post it, get it replied to, and decide whether or not that product is right for you. If you review enough products for other through your favorite store, you may even become the shopping mayor of that retailer.


If you do most of your shopping online, then you know how much of a hassle it is to keep track of all your packages being shipped to you. This small app will track the shipping of all your online purchases easily. Slice searches through your Gmail and Yahoo email accounts for receipts and automatically adds the tracking information. No more adding tracking numbers manually and constantly accessing the tracking sites. It will notify you of any shipping updates such as when it is shipped, in transit, and out for delivery. Now you can keep track of you packages automatically no matter where you are.

Online shopping is a great way to save money. With the convenience of purchasing anywhere and at any time with just your phone and credit card, mobile shopping is increasing in popularity. Take the time to download and install the tools you need to make the most of your mobile shopping experience.

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