7 Google Chrome Extension for Pinterest

Pinterest which we already know is becoming very popular particularly with U.S internet users is extending more and more in Europe and it seems that its rise will not end anytime soon. And indeed, if you use Pinterest daily, then these 7 Google Chrome Extensions for Pinterest may please you as they will not only save a lot of time but also add some useful functions.

Now not wasting much time let’s know about the Extensions:

  1. One Click Button Pinterest: This extension will simply add a button in the toolbar of your Chrome browser, this button will work exactly similar to the bookmarks offered by any website. We can say it may be convenient for those who do not use the bookmarks bar in Chrome.
  2. Right Click Pinterest: However, this is really a handy extension and that will just allow you to send any photo or any video on your Pinterest dashboard from any website of your choice using a right click. Therefore, to add a Pin now you do not need to enter URL which introduce you all media by recovering from the website.
  3. Zoom Pinterest: A small and handy extension that will give you the ability to zoom into the photos shared on Pinterest. Moreover, it is totally transparent to the user since it is sufficient to install the tool for this feature to work.
  4. Instant Pinterest: A similar extension to Right Click Pinterest that opens the window allowing you to send content to the middle of the page of Pinterest. The best is probably to install both extensions and keep the one you like best.
  5. Pin It: With this extension, you will be able to “banging” content on Pinterest faster that your shadow. Okay, that last sentence leaves something to be desired but just know that you can simply install this extension to create a keyboard shortcut (Ctrl + Alt + P) that allow you to send the current page to Pinterest.
  6. Search Pine: An extension but rather special to all those who wish to forward a document on a “Pin”. With this tool, you will actually be able to search Google Images by performing a simple click on “Pin” button of your choice.
  7.  Screen Pin 2: A very practical extension that will just let you take a screenshot of your window and send in wake of Pinterest. All this in seconds and without further action on your part since you will just click on associated and which will be integrated into your toolbar.

And now that’s all for this list of extensions for Pinterest. If you know other useful tools, please contribute with us without any hesitation. And if some of you would like an Invitation to Pinterest, drop your e-mail id here.

To your success:

Yogesh Vashist

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