7 Questions to Ask Your Web Host

For your success as a website or blog owner, there are a few things that you are supposed to know clearly so that you may know what kind of strategy to employ and succeed in your endeavors. As such, this article discusses some of the questions that you are supposed to ask your web host so as to help you clearly get how you should conduct your online business.

(1) Is it possible to get a credit card merchant account?

Any good web host is going to give you details regarding taking credit card orders online. It is important to note that only a bank has the capacity to give you a merchant account. As such, it is crucial to avoid being fooled by hosts who sound like they can offer you a merchant account. The web host can however give you the services of a payment processor. The payment processing service transacts business between a merchant account and a website. The transaction will usually take about twenty to thirty seconds. The two most popular payment processors are cybercash and Icverify. Your merchant bank may deal with one or both of these processors.

(2) What kind of connections do you have?

The core of the internet is a number of backbone connections that swap data among each other in a fast and efficient manner. Your host is going to send your data to the other backbone networks and they are going to access it as well. However, your host may not send the data to the backbone networks directly. Thus, knowing the kind of connections the host has is very crucial to you.

(3) What server hardware do you use?

This is another among the seven questions to ask your web host. You should make sure that you have a host who uses top-of-the-line host who ensures that you access your website without major hassle. You also ought to know what kind of hosting service your host uses because it will affect your website’s efficiency.

(4) What is my capacity?

Though you may not need a lot of disc capacity, it is essential that you go for web hosts who allow big disc capacity. If they give you a capacity that is larger than you need, that is better than having a smaller capacity than can meets all your needs.

(5) What kind of security do you provide?

There is a lot of cyber crime going o online. It is therefore critical what kind of security your web host offers. Ask them whether they will provide you with your own certification that will authenticate your identity whenever necessary.

(6) What is the cost overall?

You, of course, cannot obtain what you cannot afford. It is therefore crucial to ask your host how much they will charge you for the entire hosting process so as to ascertain whether you can afford it.  Most web hosts will have their pricing information on their main page, but it always doesn’t hurt to talk with customer service.

(7) Do you have free hosting options?

There are some hosts who will render free web hosting services. Before you think about the whole hosting deal, it is crucial that you think about free web hosting. After all, why should you buy what you can acquire for free?

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