8 Ways a Tablet Can Help Your Business

Tablets have done a phenomenal job of snatching a bit of the thunder from smartphones and making laptops even more of an afterthought for the tech savvy population of gadget adopters. A compromise of sorts between the internet-enabled mobile phone and traditional computer, these devices are rapidly changing the way people interact with technology. Guess what — the business community has taken notice.

Not sure you’ll get your money’s worth? Here are eight ways a tablet can help improve your business performance.

Choosing the Best Tablet for Your Business

1. Being Extremely Portable

While tablets aren’t necessarily mobile devices in the same category as smartphones, they do share a similar level of mobility. A tablet is easy to pack up and travel with, meaning it could come in handy for hosting presentations in the conference room, one-on-one product demonstrations with clients, or random tasks at the office. These new-age computers are quickly replacing the notepads and planners of days past.

2. Providing Convenient Access to Data

Whether you’re an author selling stories or a company selling marketing solutions, data is probably the lifeblood of your business. A tablet can make sure you have convenient access to the data you need. From local office documents to multimedia applications in the cloud, it has the power to place critical information at your fingertips.

3. Enabling Critical Updates

For many businesses working the digital landscape, making updates is a regular routine. Blog posts, social statuses, newsletters — information must be continually pushed through numerous channels so audiences can stay interested and engaged. Tablets offer the ability to keep your content and audience members updated at any time, from anywhere.

4. Increasing Productivity

Some brands have been criticized for their questionable content creation capabilities, but one area tablets truly excel in is productivity. For example, most devices have built-in access to the various business, email, and web-based applications you depend on to keep your operation thriving. No matter the platform, the plethora of apps these devices support can ensure you stay moving.

5. Supporting Team Functions

Tablets are perfectly suited for internal communicating and collaborating. Thanks to wireless technologies and business apps, companies can streamline an array of tasks that need to be handled internally. Expect more organizations to distribute tablets to support team-oriented functions as the phenomenon continues to grow.

6. Simplifying Planning and Composition

Technology has brought us a long way, but not far enough to render physical note taking completely obsolete. Tablets are perfect for this task as they support a stylus that makes taking notes on your device as efficient as taking them on a notepad. They also offer the added benefit of being able to digitally edit, organize, and archive your notes. And of course, there’s no paper to deal with, which can be viewed as an environmental perk.

7. Processing Payments

This is one of the most innovative business applications of tablet computers we’ve seen yet. Retailers are coupling card readers with apps like Inner Fence’s Credit Card Terminal to accept credit cards in the store, at the trade show booth, or wherever transactions are made. Why wait to send customers a bill in the mail when you can use your tablet to process their payments on the spot?

8. Increasing Profitability

A successful business must generate profits, and realizing this, you may see a tablet’s profit-friendly potential as its most attractive quality. Being able to deliver immediate access to critical data, boost productivity, and maintain connections with customers all contributes to an efficient operation that helps cut costs and in the process, strengthen your bottom line. With the proper usage, a tablet can become one of your most valuable assets over time.

Choosing the Best Tablet for Your Business

Tablets are primed for business, but in order to get a maximum bang for their buck, organizations must approach the selection process with caution. These gadgets are available in a broad range of sizes, prices, brands, and models. In fact, the differences across devices can be so considerable, that it is fair to say that no two are the same. Before making a purchase, take some time to figure out exactly what your business needs in a tablet. This will not only ensure that you acquire the functionality necessary to meet specific objectives, but make sure you get it right the first time.

Have you incorporated tablet computing into your business operations? If so, we encourage you to tell our readers about it in a comment.

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