A beginner’s guide to computer maintenance

With complex gadget jargon, intricate devices and confusing processes, technology is a difficult subject that can escape a lot of people. That’s why we’ve decided to take you back to basics in this latest post, providing a simple guide to computer maintenance. After all, there’s no point in having a fancy gadget if it doesn’t work!

computer repairAntivirus

The importance of antivirus software has been stressed thousands of times over the years, but some people still think that they are immune to the threats out there. In fact, every time these people go online, they open themselves up to a plethora of different risks, from viruses to malware, all looking to damage their system and access their personal details.

To avoid this, you should ensure that you have an effective antivirus package installed on your device. There are many to choose from out there, but it is recommended that you purchase one from a well-known, reputable brand. Norton or McAfee would be great choices as they provide protection for millions of PC’s across the world.

Be download savvy

Home to movies, music, photos and videos, the internet is our downloading playground. However, it is important that we are downloading savvy when browsing online.

Emails often pose the most risk. There have been many cases of people fraudulently posing as companies attempting to secure the recipient’s personal details. They send out an email in the usual company format, asking users to re-enter information in order to confirm their account. Once done, the fraudsters have access to your account and details.

This is why you should always check who your email is from before opening, to ensure it is a reputable source. Looking for spelling errors or anything unusual in the sender’s address can help you spot a fake email. If you are unsure of whether the email can be trusted, never open any attachments in it and delete it immediately.

Seek help

Unfortunately, no matter how careful we are, we do still experience technical issues from time to time. Rather than embarking on your own troubleshooting mission, you should seek professional IT support instead. Choosing a specialist laptop repair company like One IT Support can get you back online quickly and easily, as they have teams of dedicated professionals.

By following these top tips, you can ensure the performance, reliability and longevity of your machine – a vital necessity in the digital age we live in.

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