Role of Technology in Advancement of Education

Since the beginning of the 21st century, the technology has seen a drastic impact for its upliftment. With this development, the education sector has also seen various improvements. The latest trends in learning have involved mobile phones, laptops, tablets etc. as a learning tool, which is user-friendly and helps in learning to a far extent.

Along with these improvements, the use of internet along the common masses have been at its peak. With online learning, one can easily learn from anywhere around the world with ease. Let us have a look at various benefits, which technology plays in the field of education.

(i) Online mode of learning- An Online mood of learning provides users with flexibility along the learning. Through an online mood, one can easily learn various concepts according to their own pace. Also, it is possible to connect to anyplace around the world at any time for learning.

(ii) Video as a powerful tool- Visualization plays an important role in making things to understand in a better way. It helps in providing the real scenario of the concepts, which take place during any action, through the means of videos or moving images. It is easy to understand the concepts in 3D space and time. Such as topic like Statistics can be easily understood through the videos as it requires various conceptual knowledge which can be easily depicted through video rather than textbooks.

(iii) Personalized learning tool- A personalized learning tool helps students to learn at their own pace, providing one to one learning experience, rather than studying in a classroom full of students. This helps to understand the in-depth concepts in an effective way.

(iv) Access to Global Content- The online learning provides students with the world-class content, where they can easily access content on a global scale. One can study from anyplace around the world, without being physically present over there.

(v) Provides Online Test-taking Environment- Most of the competitive examination is conducted online, which requires lots of practice and speed. In order to excel in the examination, it is essential to practice mocks or sample papers. This helps to get acquainted with the actual scenario of the examination, which can help us to easily crack the examination.

These were some of the benefits of using technology in learning. Various new techniques are on a move to ease the learning technique through technology that would help in engaged learning.

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