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The Kindle Fire HD is the top most and the most of all new device in the tablet market. You will find it on Amazon with shipping done to every part of the world. The Kindle cover designs for it are extra ordinary as well. You can buy all kinds of protective accessories for it as well from Amazon and get them shipped to your place in 48 hours (working days).

kindle fire hd

Let me tell you some good specs of the Kindle device with the HD Fire version:

1)      The Kindle Fire is HD is priced at 200$. It is 40$ extra from the Kindle Fire but this cost lets you avail the extra storage capacity in the Kindle Fire HD that you would not get in the Kindle Fire. Get your hands on the Kindle Fire HD if you want plenty of storage without having to use flash drives, or internet storage facilities all the time.

2)      It has 7 inches of a good and viewable screen. The dimensions of the screen along with the pixel density are different from the Kindle Fire and so you would want this one for better resolution results.

3)      The Kindle Fire HD has a screen resolution of 1280 X 800, with having a density of 720p.

4)      The Kindle Fire HD has the 16 GB and the 32 GB storage, which is a lot more than the Kindle Fire as it only allows 8GB. The cloud storage is free for both of them so if you think you want that feature, you can use it freely for both. In the Kindle Fire you will have only 5.5GB left after apps and OS installation.

5)      Kindle fire HD has a camera of 1.3MP with 720p pixel density for the HD mode video.  As it does not have any front camera, you can do video conferencing with the rear camera.

For the Kindle Fire HD, you can have a lot of apps and software to help you with the  daily tasks with such good features described above. Some of the recommended apps for the Kindle Fire HD are:

1)       Quick Office: This app is all that you need f you want to work on your kindle and not your laptop and computer, as they are available 24/7 in your office. Even I get tired of using them so I use my kindle for light email sending and stuff like that. I use Word and Excel easily with the device and can update my documents, spread sheets and also make presentations without having to turn my laptop on.

2)      Rdio: You can stream live music with it running on your favorite radio stations in your area. You can just set the channels according to their frequency and then you will be able to hear live audio music and no charges have to be paid. Yes, there are some channels and apps that you would have to pay for, but this app is free of any charges for streaming the music live.

For more apps, get Android app store application and the Amazon app store link for your Kindle now.

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