All You Need To Know About Cell Phone Holsters

Know About Cell Phone Holsters

When cell phones began taking more compact shapes, it allowed the possibilitycell phone holsters of effortlessly carrying them in the pocket. That has been the reason why manufacturers are so keen on maintaining pleasing ergonomics on their handsets, so that customers can comfortably carry them. But in the pocket, a phone has to deal with your constant movements, together with the sharing of the little space with other things such as keys which may inadvertently cause scratches. Cases, pouches, protectors and holsters have been developed to confer some protection to the phone. Let’s discuss these holsters in brief.

They are made to suit your outfit

Built to keep your phone secure and comfortable, holsters can be attached to a belt to immobilize it. This strategic position allows easy reach, as you have the freedom of choosing exactly where you want the holster to rest on your belt or pants. They are built with a cover to ensure that the phone is secure and in place. Some holsters are built with a more daring design, where instead of going on your belt, they have a strap design that goes over your shoulders. It has a lot of design similarity with a gun holster, only instead of holding a gun, it holds a phone. It provides extra bulk, though it is very good if you are in a suit, or have a blazer, and want your phone within easy reach.

Holsters are available in different sizes

Holsters are made in different sizes. This is owing to the huge variation in phone types that exist in the market. There do not exist one-size-fits-all holsters, so you’ll have to specify your exact phone type when you are looking to purchase one. The good news is that holsters are made with a specific phone in mind, or at the very least, inspired by a specific cell phone brand. So when you are in the market searching for one, finding a perfect fit should be relatively easy.

Different materials are used to make cell phone holsters

Cell phone holsters are made from different materials as well. Leather seems to be favored the most. It is a versatile material that does not age fast, is tough, and will easily blend in with your outfits. They allow you to carry your phone in either a vertical or a horizontal position. There are plastic holsters which are very light, and provide just enough room for your specific phone brand and model. They offer lesser protection than leather holsters, although there are varieties of rubberized plastic holsters which provide more cushion. Other kinds of holsters are made from neoprene, a shock resistant material that has good water resistant characteristics as well. It is incredibly light, and provides the least bulk.

Cell phone holsters are worthy to invest upon

There are many benefits of investing in a cell phone holster. Topping the list is the kind of convenience they create. Because they provide that safe strategic place to put your phone, you always find yourself using it. This minimizes the chance of losing your phone since you never really take it out unless you need to. It offers a better degree of protection as well, especially from scratches and accidental falls.

The new standards being set in the market are very high. Mobile phones are becoming thinner but bigger and taller. With 4.8” screens being the new standard, a new era of technology is already upon us. Some have as big as 5.5”, and such a big phone is not very comfortable to carry in the pocket. This helps underscore the importance of cell phone holsters, and how they can provide a much needed convenience at a time when carrying a large smartphone in your pocket is almost bordering on awkward. With the abundance of designs, you’ll definitely find what you are looking for.

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