Analyst: iPad Mini will be the “worst nightmare competitors”

Manufacturers tablets were not able to compete with Apple in the segment of $ 400 and above, and because the new iPad Mini, which is expected to cost less than $ 300, the market will make the task of confrontation with the Cupertino giant in the tablet sector is much more complex.

Analysis said that iPad Mini would be “the worst nightmare of competitors.” Analysts noted that companies nowadays hardly resist iPad 2 for $ 400 and the iPad 3 from $ 500, and the transition to a more mass market only expand the market share of Apple, which now dominates.

The main issue, according to Mr. Wu, is to be decided whether to seek the death of Apple competitors, and to agree to a low level of profit per unit sold, to reach the bar at $ 200. However, according to analysts, Apple strongly ruin lives Google and Amazon, even if the cost of iPad Mini will start at $ 350.


According to analysis, Apple already has a product in the 200 dollar range – the initial model of iPod touch (strangely enough, the analyst considers the portable player as an offer on the tablet market), and the iPad 2 is the bar at $ 400. As a result, he said the initial price iPad Mini $ 300-350 most justified for the company.

It is expected that the new tablet with a 7.85-inch screen Apple will present next week at a special event, which also may be announced 13-inch MacBook Pro with a Retina-display.

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