Android 4.1: Jelly Bean running on the Samsung Galaxy Note: Video

Its the time for a five-minute video about Jelly Bean running on the Samsung Galaxy Note

This update has not yet been released by Samsung, but the work is in progress rapidly and active community around Android smartphones allows us to take advantage of Android updates before the official versions. It is once again the XDA developers who have installed this first test firmware for the Samsung Galaxy Note.

jelly bean running on the samsung galaxy note

This video is an opportunity to see the improvements introduced with the Galaxy Note 2 will be well integrated into the Galaxy Note first, like what Samsung is doing to the Galaxy S3. We thus find the pop-up video or gallery with 3D visualization.

This ROM called XXLS2 already seems very stable and fast enough to be confident that this is the official port of Jelly Bean running on the Samsung Galaxy Note. Still no date from Samsung, but the most patient of you will benefit from this update by the end of the year. If there is something new, you can count on us to let you know!

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