Angry Birds will be arriving Facebook this Valentine

The Finnish game developer Rovio announced that Angry Bird will be released on Facebook this Valentine day (February 14). Facebook version of Angry Bird will include a social function also so that friends can compete each other to see who gets higher score. Users can also purchase special tools and special type of earthquake birds at the price of 99 cents. Of course, users can also get props by playing the game.


Ravio executive, Peter Vesterbacka said that he thinks, nearly 40% of the Angry Bird players will be willing to buy props, higher than other Facebook games of 3% or 4%. Ravio also said, Facebook version of Angry Birds users will reach 10 million and will not be surprising both companies. According to other sources, Ravio has been developing Facebook version of Angry Birds since early 2010. Facebook version of Angry Birds is one of the largest ever game by Ravio. Ravio also released the video of Facebook version of Angry Birds and Facebook also has created fb page for Angry Birds.

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