Apple launches iTunes 11 more integrated with iCloud and new interface

Released in September and originally planned for October, the new iTunes 11 comes to the public with a month late. According to the website The Verge, theiTunes 11 more integrated with iCloud player (which can be downloaded from the Apple site ) suffered its biggest change, especially at the interface, which has become more intuitive, with a grid containing the album art. Expanding it, the songs are displayed to the user.

The delay in the launch was due on account of parts of the software that needed to be rewritten before the software is released to the public. “We want the new iTunes has a cleaner interface and simple and integrates easily with iCloud and therefore the launch in late November,” said a spokesman for Apple site to “AllThingsD.”

Integration with iCloud, incidentally, is the biggest news of the program. One can, for example, watch a movie on an Apple device, stop, and then continue watching the same point it was stopped, even on a different machine because the iCloud saves the time that the file was paused. Also, all content purchased from the iTunes Store is in the cloud, whether or not they have been downloaded to a computer.

Another new iCloud allows users to see what songs have a particular album and acquire the missing without leaving the library. There is also the option to purchase the full album. Who heard a song and not remember the name can give everything in history was played in recent days. The list is stored in the system.

Finally, the addition of a mini-player that takes up little screen space as possible and, through it, searching for songs and edit the list “Up Next”, a new feature that displays the next song that will be played.

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