Arrival of new Facebook privacy tools : Facebook

Since yesterday, the social network of Mark Zuckerberg introduced new Facebook privacy tools for each user. Via an interface clearer and more specific parameters, Facebook seems to make amends by this year-end disturbances in which he was often singled out during 2012.


Facebook wants to turn the page on suspicion regarding the privacy policy of the network. And this will be materialized yesterday, through the introduction of new tools designed to better manage each user’s page and its applications.

With a clearer interface, this new pan is at the same place as before, close the account settings, but sees himself becoming far more precise in the management of what is displayed on the timeline, or permissions related to the different apps.

To more accurately, a new shortcut also facilitates access to these data for the user can easily control the visibility of published content (photos, reviews …) on the wall, but also requests for withdrawal of Content posted by another user.

Downloaded applications on the publication of the name of the user as the display of information from them (name in scores for example) have also been tightened.

A step towards better, therefore, to all users of Facebook, which is supposed to reassure a stumbling block for chronic social network. Disclosure of certain public communications that users felt private, in September 2012, and the passage of the social network to the CNIL did that throw every day a little more trouble on the privacy policy of Facebook.

The arrival of these new tools so sounds like a response from the firm to its users. But this answer be sufficient to extinguish their fears?

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