Autodesk will be designing human organs soon

AutoCAD is the most emblematic software in computer designing. Today is the environment most widely used by architects, designers and engineers. The software may soon play an important part in the world of medicine by partnering with 3D printers.

Instead of cars or other mechanical parts, Autodesk may soon help to create human organs and human tissues.

Autodesk Organovo, a company specializing in bio printing, are developing a partnership to create software capable of modeling human tissue in three dimensions.

printing organs


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Organovo is currently capable of printing a thick fabric using a bio-ink consisting of cells which is applied layer by layer on a matrix with a specific print head and associated software.

To take the next step and print organs and tissues with increased complexity, Organovo wish to turn to the specialist in 3D design: Autodesk to put the odds on his side.

Nevertheless, the developed software will not do everything, design agencies will be carried out by highly qualified staff, both in cell biology modeling, and specific training should be created.

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