Backup facebook account

Backup Facebook account in .zip format:

Facebook, the largest social network has the feature to download complete backup of your facebook account in .zip format. Backup will include the followings:

  • Profile informationbackup facebook
  • Your wall posts including comments
  • Photo Albums
  • Friends List
  • Notes, events and Sent / Received messages

How to backup facebook account:

  • Login to your facebook account.
  • Open “Account settings” after clicking on Account.
  • At the end of page click on Download a copy of your Facebook data.
  • Click on Archive to start backup your facebook profile contents.
  • Another pop up window will be opened notifying you that whenever the download will be available you will be notified with an e-mail.
  • Click Ok.
  • After receiving e-mail start downloading and get a backup copy of your fb profile.
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