Basic applications for Nokia Lumia 920 and 820


The Finnish firm Nokia could give a dramatic effect on the first of October with the official coming-out star of their new devices. We refer, of course, the Nokia Lumia 920 and Nokia Lumia 820, two terminals equipped with the latest operating system for mobile Microsoft : Windows Phone 8, of course. Before that time comes, of Redmond will have to be submitted in society definitely the brand new version of software , now offering a much broader view of the functions that will bring this platform, along with all the benefits inherent in the world Lumia for Windows Phone. We know, because Nokia has communicated so that the firm has also thought indispensable. Yes, in those applications that the new Nokia Lumia bring installed as standard, so we will not have to download anything over the phone open.Suffice it to keep abreast of all updates to the smooth running of the service and the integration of new tools. But what are the applications that come installed on stars terminals?


1) Facebook: Of course. It is one of the most important, since many (more than a billion worldwide) users who already use Facebook as a social network of reference. In fact, Windows Phone application has integrated this series in the first configuration of the user’s social life. Thus, it is easy to share photos, pages and status updates with a single touch. You can also download the application from Facebook for Windows Phone, created especially for those who still want more.

2) Messenger: It’s the same with Facebook. The system Messenger already built into Windows Phone 8, so that simply access the service through your account forever. If you do not have Messenger, you can sign up and synchronize the courier to receive your Nokia as a further notification.

3) WhatsApp: Yes, WhatsApp is now available for users who have a mobile phone with Windows Phone. With a connection 3G and Wifi have everything you need to communicate with our contacts through instant messaging. This is an interesting formula to save a good peak texting and calls, with the ability to easily share pictures and content.


4) Angry Birds: It is one of the games of mobile star general. Find it preinstalled on Nokia thanks to a deal with Microsoft and also you can play Xbox Live to gain more points. If you wish you can also download updates and new versions of the game to liven the sparrow pissed. Other games that you can download are Final Fantasy, PES2012, Splinter Cell Conviction, Kinectimals, Monopoly, Plants vs Zombies, Wordament and Fruit Ninja, among others.

5) Maps: There are many services that allow users to locate through maps and accessories using the geolocation. They have at their disposal the classic Bing Maps , but Nokia has also developed a number of applications ready for shipping, handling and location of sites of interest. We refer, of course, Nokia Maps, Nokia Drive or Nokia City Lens , a powerful augmented reality service that locates theaters, restaurants and hotels with a simple movement of the camera.

Finally, we want to remind you that you can download many other interesting applications for your mobile phone and you do not have to be pre-installed on phones. You can download apps like SoundHound (to recognize any tune that is playing), Run the Map, Runner and Sport Tracker (to create, analyze and count the tours you’ve done on foot) and Pictures Lab or DNG (to change style snapshots of Instagram).

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