Brain Networking: How will the technology of the future change our life experience?

We already know that many porn sites have become surpassed by vr porn games. Still, the transition which will take place over the next three decades will change “the orientation of the global society from vertical to horizontal,” say at IT company Tata Consultancy Services (TCS). “If this happens, ecosystems will support many of our life experiences, absorbing many aspects of the industries known today,” they say.

Futurists at this developing Indian company have already identified those ecosystems, which in the near future “will emerge as a product of our pursuit for well-being.” Can you even imagine how that will look like?


The general-purpose communication technology platform will allow all ecosystems to interact with each other, thus connecting people, the physical world, information, and “collective intelligence.” Nanobots will connect our brains directly to information, and the advancement of quantum computing and artificial intelligence will bring change when it comes to traditional jobs. Our connectivity will allow the creation of the collective knowledge of humanity, and cognitive systems will automate most of the knowledge-based functions, putting into focus those skills that make us distinctly human.


The mobility ecosystem will emerge from today’s transport, air transport, and logistics systems. Transition in this segment will take place in stages. Initially, on-demand cars will dominate, while only the more affluent will own autonomous vehicles. With the downsizing of technology, more and more people will own such autonomous ones. The future of transportation will be marked by resource sharing.


Energy will be generated, stored, and shared through cooperative networks, which will mainly be based on wireless transmission, which will, among other things, allow autonomous electric vehicles to be charged while driving. This change will reduce greenhouse gas emissions globally and, at the same time, meet the ever-increasing need for energy.

Personal progress

Personal advancement in the fields of education, work, spirituality, philanthropy, and passion go hand in hand within an ecosystem that houses all of our lifelong learning and fulfillment needs. This ecosystem is essential for eliminating the social unrest that can result from general automation. Also, a massive need to acquire new skills would not be possible without it.


When it comes to health, there will be a change in paradigm and a shift in focus from treatment to prevention. A healthy life extension will be achieved by reducing the effects of chronic diseases, then rejuvenating cells, tissues, and organs, which will be facilitated by advances in precision and regenerative medicine. Cancer mortality will decline, as nanobots will directly treat cancer cells or prevent them from harming healthy cells.

Smart Communities

Homes, buildings, and cities will together form a community ecosystem. The smart infrastructure of that ecosystem fosters better connectivity and promotes safety, productivity, sustainability, comfort, interactivity, prosperity, community health, and care for the elderly. The mobility ecosystem is city-centered around people and the community, rather than around the vehicle, as many of its functions are automated.

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