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OnePlus One phone vs Lenovo K910 vs Xiaomi MI3

The interest of a modern user of mobile devices shifted recently from branded world known things to hardcore driving mobile devices from top Chinese mobile developers. A modern user tends to usability, simplicity and superior performance rather than for a brand logo on the case of the device investing into branding and getting zero delight

Review of ASKME Android App for Indian Users

We are quite sure that you’re familiar with a number of applications that offer local business listings! However, more often than not, these apps prove themselves insufficient in daily life. Nevertheless, we came across a remarkable app quite recently – ASKME! Unlike rest of listing applications, ASKME offers a number of features, and ASKME proves

JIAKE G910W Hands-On Review

JIAKE brings to you the most affordable and feature packed cell phone in the $ 80.00 price range on Gear best. Furthermore, The JIAKE G910W 3G comes equipped with a powerful RAM for the gamer population. The phone is the best in its price range on the Android market. Looking Nice The JIAKE G910W 3Gweighs

HTC One mini and Desire 500 now available online in India

Well known brand HTC’s 2 new smart phones recently launched in India and now available online. These 2 phones are HTC One Mini and HTC Desire 500. One of the most popular smart phones is the HTC One. The HTC One Mini facilitates the general design of the HTC One, but has adjusted specifications in

How Android Phones Came to Popularity: The Role of Reputation Management

Android phones are one of the most popular handsets available in the market manufactured and released by several smartphone brands. It cannot be denied that Android phones have remained to be the toughest competitor of the Apple phones and when seen in totality, Android phones have surpassed the sales of iOS products. But how did