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Top 6 Plugins For WordPress

WordPress has become the default standard for creating the most professional looking blogs on the Internet. Because it is so popular, the world of WordPress includes thousands of plugins which allow users to get the most from their websites. There are a select few plugins that every WordPress user should take advantage of to maximize

FTechBlog Free Genesis Child Theme

We are very pleased to announce the release of FTechBlog Genesis child theme, our first FREE Theme! FTechBlog Child Theme is using the Genesis Framework and made simple and ready to use for every blogger. As I mentioned, this is our first theme, I am expecting few negative comments which are always welcome so that

8 Tips to improve the WordPress Security

I will share with you some tips for increasing WordPress security. There is a tendency to underestimate the safety and this can result in serious consequences such as the intrusion of a malicious (malware, spam, deface) and the subsequent disappearance of our site in the search results of Google. Here are 8 tips to improve the

5 WordPress Database Backup Plugins

Most of the Bloggers spend some time in writing a post, but only few Bloggers backup there Blog. Backing up is as important as writing a post in your Blog. If you don’t backup your Blog, then all your posts, pages will be lost. Doing Backup of your Blog is same as adding Security to

10 WordPress plugins a blogger cannot survive without

If you are reading this post means you are also a WordPress Blogger. A WordPress Blogger must know how to optimize his blog using plugins. Today many WordPress plugins are available and almost for everything. I should not waste your time in telling what is the role of plugin and how to use it because