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How to Free Convert MP4 to AVI on Windows (10/8/7/XP)

Alright, let’s get straight to the point. How to free convert MP4 to AVI? That is the question to which many people yearn to find the answer. Think I am exaggerating? Go to some popular answers website, performs the query, MP4 to AVI or free convert MP4 to AVI, and you will see a decent

Some useful tips for purchasing a Good Phone

Buying a new device is always something to be really excited about. When this device is a mobile phone, then you can really feel the level of excitement. Once if a person explores the market for a device, there are certain things he needs to look at, there are many points which needs to be

The best satisfaction you can get from your old phone

Throw away the old stuffs. This used to be the common perception of the humans in earlier days. Time has changed, and so the mind. It’s the time when people are keen on reinventing a product. However, things get different when it comes about an older gadget. They found to be pretty clueless on these

Is It Time for Your Computer to Die

No matter how cool your computer seemed when it was new, every piece of modern technology has a finite lifetime. At some point, your computer won’t be able to keep up with contemporary websites, new software or your basic desire to get things done without waiting eons for simple tasks to complete. In some cases,

Should You Bother Upgrading to the iPhone 6?

Apple has finally released its news regarding its new smartphone. This time, they’re putting two new models on the market at the same time: the iPhone 6 and the 6 Plus. Since the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 is the more affordable option and closer to the old iPhone 5S in terms of size, this article will