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2014’s Must Have Music Apps

Whether your new year’s resolution was to discover some brilliant new music, reacquaint yourself with the classics or listen to the best radio has to offer, there are now hundreds of music applications out there, each vying for your attention. The real question, though, is which ones are the best, and which ones deserve a

iOS 6.1.4 is available for iPhone 5

Apple provides this evening a small update for the iPhone 5, iOS 6.1.4. The change-log is very short: Audio profile updated to the speaker. Other devices do not seem to be affected at this time. Apple has had some problems with early versions of iOS 6.1, which forced Apple to release a dedicated fix. Apple is not talkative for

What is new in app store for iOS developers in 2013

The Apple App Store is a constantly evolving environment that is growing at an incredible pace. In June of 2012, it was reported that there were 650,000 apps available in the store. New reports suggest that 2013 started off with almost to 775,00o apps in the App Store. That number is staggering, but it’s not

Why iPhone 5 is better than Galaxy S3

There are many controversies about the specs and features of Samsung Galaxy S3 and Apple iphone 5. In fact, iphone 5 and Samsung Galaxy 3 are both powerful smartphones with their own unique benefits and drawbacks. Many users consider Galaxy S3 as the better option over Apple iphone 5. However, Apple iphone 5 holds its own

Apple iPod Touch Features

When it comes to Apple’s iDevice range, the iPod touch sits a miserable third behind the champagne iPhone and iPad devices, both of which hog the lion’s share of the limelight. With Apple retailing older iPhones and iPad years after a release at much-cheaper prices, it’s little wonder few consumers wish to consider a device

iPad 5, iWatch, iPhone 5S …. new Apple products planned in 2013

The recipe for the next 12 months is already known for the Apple group: little news and a lot of updates or enhancements to existing products, iPad and iPhone in mind. 2013 should not depart from the rule, but with a unusual product that might hold Apple, with the release of a … iwatch. The iPad

The most satisfied owners of an iPhone

iPhone owners are the most satisfied with their mobile phone as u EPSI survey on consumer satisfaction with mobile. Behind Apple, with a score of 89.8 points out of 100, are Samsung (75.9 points), Nokia (75.8), Sony (75.7), HTC and LG (71.8) and BlackBerry (69.8 points). Regarding the retention ranking, Apple is also the first (90.7 points),

Apple loses its lead in tablet market

In the third quarter of 2012, the iPad has concentrated 55% of tablet sales worldwide, according to ABI Research. This is the lowest score of Apple, the undisputed leader in the market since 2010. Since the release of the iPad in 2010, Apple has never left the top of the best-selling tablet, but the 55% market