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Tablets vs PC

Within the last say 10 years we have seen a huge influx of personal computing. Especially the more portable units. As we have seen smartphones have exploded to many different shapes and sizes and operating systems. From Apple, Android, Windows, Blackberry’s. All are arguably great units and devices. What’s even bigger is the tablet age.

Dell XPS 12: An Expert in Dual Role!

Later part of last year has witnessed many of the Ultrabooks being shipped across, with Windows 8 loaded onto them. Windows 8 has given a new dimension to the Ultrabooks, as users can enjoy the experience of having both laptops and tablets, in the form of one Ultrabook. With most of the hybrid models, a

Samsung’s Series 7 Chronos Windows 8 Ultrabook – Review

Samsung unveiled this good looking machine at the Consumer Electronics Show 2013 held at Las Vegas recently, and it was definitely one of the stars of the show. The Chronos 7 is business centric, and runs Win 8 with a touchscreen. We have not seen such a business friendly device from this company for some

CES 2013: Lenovo, a 11.6-inch yoga

Boosted by the success of Yoga 13 inches but probably little comfort in version 11 inch Windows RT already launched (understandably), Lenovo provided a third version, still 11.6 inches, but with PC components and benefiting the name Ultrabook.   It will be available in Intel Core i5 and i7 and SSD with a capacity of 128GB. Everything will be sold

Top 6 Laptops at this time

Here are Top 6 Laptops in gadgets market at the present time Best Ultraportable: The apple company MacBook Air 13-inch (2012) Apple makes the perfect ultraportable laptop even better by providing the MacBook Air quicker performance and longevity cycle of battery power. The 3rd Creation The apple company Primary i5-powered laptop now takes over 8

How to choose a laptop | A laptop buying guide

The laptop market is very much alive, new performances are frequent and are increasing while price, weight and size down. A wide range of laptops is available in today’s market and it becomes quite difficult to choose a laptop. FTechBlog has come up with some key tips which help you in this regard. Here are few

Have you checked out the new sleek HP Envy X2 tablet?

Microsoft’s new operating system, Windows 8, is right around the corner and PC manufacturers have started launching their special products designed to accommodate the OS. HP has officially released the Envy X2 tablet, which is similar to Asus Vivo and Transformer Book. HP is back on track after the failure of TouchPad. Envy X2 from