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Some useful tips for purchasing a Good Phone

Buying a new device is always something to be really excited about. When this device is a mobile phone, then you can really feel the level of excitement. Once if a person explores the market for a device, there are certain things he needs to look at, there are many points which needs to be

HTC One: For work and for social?

Ever since the launch of the HTC One X in April 2012, its quad-core CPU has caught the eye of the gamers, the socialisers and the busy workers. And why wouldn’t it? With its 1GB RAM, 4.7” display, 1.3MP front facing camera and Wi-Fi and GPS as standard, this smartphone proved itself to be an

How to rent, buy cars from Hertz using mobile application

If you’re sometimes looking for a larger car to take the family out on day trips, or perhaps you like cycling or playing extreme sports, it can sometimes be hard to find a cheap and convenient method to finding a car. Car rental with Hertz UK can be a cost effective alternative to owning and

Nokia is preparing another mobile phone with 41MP Camera

Last year, Nokia launched its mobile phone 808 Pure View in the market, which has 41MP probably the best camera currently on the market and on cell phones in user’s pocket. Model 808 could not produce any significant commercial success, which was caused by the fact that it comes with outdated Symbian operating system. But now Nokia

The Ways in Which Smartphones Can Actually Be Hazardous

Although just about everyone is now dependent upon smartphone devices every single day to help them with everything from keeping in touch with friends and family to doing research on the internet, what many people don’t realize is that heavy smartphone use can actually be hazardous to their health and safety. If you have never really thought