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Comparing BlackBerry Z10 With Google Nexus 4

Your repertoire of gadgets and devices devoted to various business tasks are your sure-fire tickets to success. Depending on the particular use of the gadgets that you have, you can increase the productivity of your business, ensure the efficiency of business processes, or facilitate communication without and without your company, which makes for a more

Top 10 Smartphones with Physical Keyboard

While most of the Smartphones today are fully touchscreen, there are those users who still crave for a QWERTY keypad for emailing, messaging and chatting. This top 10 list of Smartphones with physical keywords is for such users. Here they are: 1. BlackBerry Z10 Features of Blackberry Z10 The newly launched Smartphone has a fully functional

Top Features of Blackberry Z-10

Have you all considered buying the x-10 and the z-10 sets? I have heard rumors about their touchpad being good in features and also the apps are freely available for the new Blackberry devices. Even the Blackberry cases and other accessories are all newly introduced for them. Let me highlight some features of the Blackberry

How to use BlackBerry Messenger?

BlackBerry Messenger is an instant messenger application that is designed especially for BlackBerry users. BlackBerry Messenger has become one of the largest communities for mobile messages in the smart phone industry with over 50 million user base. Each month, there are over 2 million new subscribers of BBM. BBM is also one of the most