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Update Samsung Galaxy Grand to Jelly Bean 4.1.2 Firmware

Samsung Galaxy Grand is a great phone and that is the reason of it’s success in the market at the point of time. So for the millions of loyal users, Samsung has brought the official Upgrade available for the Galaxy grand Users, for Jelly Bean 4.1.2 Firmware. It is a very good news for the

Top 10 Smartphones with Physical Keyboard

While most of the Smartphones today are fully touchscreen, there are those users who still crave for a QWERTY keypad for emailing, messaging and chatting. This top 10 list of Smartphones with physical keywords is for such users. Here they are: 1. BlackBerry Z10 Features of Blackberry Z10 The newly launched Smartphone has a fully functional

Top 5 Feature phones in 2012

Feature phones play a very big role especially in the life of the middle and lower class people who are in a need for a phone with all the required features. It is likely that the people who cannot afford to buy the costly androids will go forward to purchase the mobiles that have enough

Samsung Galaxy S4 first Video!

Samsung Mobile ‘s official YouTube page uploaded a new promotional video for Samsung Galaxy S4: Buy Now: Powered By:

Why iPhone 5 is better than Galaxy S3

There are many controversies about the specs and features of Samsung Galaxy S3 and Apple iphone 5. In fact, iphone 5 and Samsung Galaxy 3 are both powerful smartphones with their own unique benefits and drawbacks. Many users consider Galaxy S3 as the better option over Apple iphone 5. However, Apple iphone 5 holds its own