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Samsung might be working on a Cheaper Galaxy Note 2

Interesting rumors from South Korea. Internal sources of Samsung consulted by the specializing SamMobile have confirmed that the Asian multinational is bottled in the development of new devices, among which find a unique third version of Samsung Galaxy Note. This terminal, whose concept plays with what we mean by a smartphone and a tablet , surprised everyone with its first edition and earned a very personal

Samsung Galaxy SIII Mini, thoroughly

Samsung Galaxy SIII Mini is a smaller version , to call it somehow, the famous Samsung Galaxy SIII , but rather actually takes advantage of the name, because, as we will see now, is far from the Galaxy SIII Original . Samsung Galaxy SIII Mini, a new component in the midrange of Samsung. Samsung Galaxy

Android 4.1: Jelly Bean running on the Samsung Galaxy Note: Video

Its the time for a five-minute video about Jelly Bean running on the Samsung Galaxy Note This update has not yet been released by Samsung, but the work is in progress rapidly and active community around Android smartphones allows us to take advantage of Android updates before the official versions. It is once again the XDA developers who

Samsung Galaxy Note Jelly Bean update leaked images

Shortly after arriving Jelly Bean update in Galaxy S3, Samsung phones will update the versions in few other phones also. Samsung Galaxy Note and Galaxy S2 have high sales records and their owners are eagerly waiting for the next news. Although no explanation about by Samsung about Galaxy Note Jelly Bean update. Image 1: Image 2: To your

Galaxy S3: Samsung introduces iPhone-killer and is awaiting response from Apple

Apple will now have to work extra hard to maintain its attractiveness. Samsung unveiled Thursday, May 3 its “iPhone killer” with the new version of its smartphone, the Galaxy S3. Spearheading the Korean brand in its fight against Apple, this marvel of technology has many advantages. Always designed on Android platform, the effective operating system from Google, the Galaxy