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Review of Online 888 Poker game

Due to multitude of advancements in the technological section, online gaming, especially online casino has been subjected to several transformations in previous years! The very same changes have forced (well, that is a good change) some of established online gambling platforms to redefine their environment as well as features. 888 Poker, which is one of

Play online slot games at Facebook

Have you heard about slot games? If you have any kind of relation with casino through yourself or friends, you would definitely have heard about it. The reason is quite simple that slot games are one of the notable sections in world of casino gambling, which has attracted millions of people towards it. Now, however,

The Top PC Games Out At the Moment

Plenty of hot new PC games have arrived recently, so those who are looking for something to play should not be short on options. Here are some of the top games released in the past few weeks. BioShock Infinite Heralded as a triumph by many critics, BioShock Infinite marks a return to stellar form for

Game Review: Need For Speed Most Wanted for iPad

Hurrah, the Need For Speed Most Wanted Edition comes to iPad. You all must be knowing what a thrilling game it is. If you are a racing gamer, you might be knowing of it, of-course you should also. So here, we’ll discuss about this version of game on iPad , it’s gameplay and how it feels on

Alien Vs Predator Evolutions – Video Game Trailer

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How Windows 8 Rewrites the Rules of PC Gaming

PC gaming is a platform that dramatically changes on a regular basis, but none of the other changes that PC gaming has undergone can compare to what Windows 8 has changed. Game developers are using inspiration from smartphones and integrating their ideas into intriguing games. The invention of modern technological devices such as the tablet

Top 8 Most Shocking Deaths in Video Games

Video games have literally taken over the world at the moment. From free kids’ games available on gaming websites to the popular games in modern culture, such as Call of Duty and The Sims. A lot of children like to play these games, as do adults as well. People embrace the games, they become a hobby, and they indulge in the fun and are

EA Launches ‘Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 ‘Masters Historic Edition’

Electronic Arts, one of the ace video game developers and pioneers in developing sports based titles have announced that their next venture – ‘Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14’, will feature a ‘Masters Historic Edition’ that allows the players to travel back in time and play the reputed game of golf, as it was then. One