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Play online slot games at Facebook

Have you heard about slot games? If you have any kind of relation with casino through yourself or friends, you would definitely have heard about it. The reason is quite simple that slot games are one of the notable sections in world of casino gambling, which has attracted millions of people towards it. Now, however,

How Windows 8 Rewrites the Rules of PC Gaming

PC gaming is a platform that dramatically changes on a regular basis, but none of the other changes that PC gaming has undergone can compare to what Windows 8 has changed. Game developers are using inspiration from smartphones and integrating their ideas into intriguing games. The invention of modern technological devices such as the tablet

EA Launches ‘Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 ‘Masters Historic Edition’

Electronic Arts, one of the ace video game developers and pioneers in developing sports based titles have announced that their next venture – ‘Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14’, will feature a ‘Masters Historic Edition’ that allows the players to travel back in time and play the reputed game of golf, as it was then. One

Using the iZettle to play online casino games

Online casino gaming is a massively popular business and it continues to grow with every passing year. The dream of walking in with nothing and leaving with the jackpot is still a huge attraction for a lot of people and no matter what your gaming preference there is something for everyone at an online casino.

Top 25 most popular games on Facebook in 2012

Top 25 most popular games on Facebook in 2012 Facebook has revealed the top 25 rated games on the App Center, this ranking also takes into account the level of commitment of each title. The list was performed using the same methodology to achieve the classification of applications  available in the App Center Facebook. According to Facebook, 56%