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Simple tips to get rid of Windows 8 crash

Your Windows 8 should not be crashing on you. It is not a price of software that is prone to crashing, which means you will need to put your systems under some severe stress for it to crash. Below is a list of the various stresses you may place upon your systems that may result

Must Read: 5 Useful Tips for Microsoft Access

Despite temptations to use Excel instead and offerings from other database competitors, Access still remains widely used as, it does what it says on the tin – it enables the storage, retrieval and reporting on, data, simply. Here are 5 essential tips for Microsoft Access that will make your experience nice and smooth. 1.  

Microsoft and researchers could Predict disasters

Occasionally, the computer jumped and made ​​a foray into science fiction. This time, scientists, with the participation of Microsoft, created a technology that can swallow vast amounts of data in a single view: predict the future, at least to some extent. Microsoft and researchers at the Technion (Israel Institute of Technology) have united in a very special project. They

How to View a presentation without Microsoft PowerPoint

A PowerPoint presentation plays an important role in every business organization as it does in every other area of this fast-paced corporate world. In a tussled environment, not every viewer has PowerPoint installed on their computer, rendering the presentation incompatible. In this case, the viewer can still view the presentation that has been tailor-created for

Office 365 and Its Application in Enterprise

Office 365, released in mid 2011 by Microsoft is a subscription service that allows access to different services and programs offered by Microsoft Office. The enterprise plan of the service targets SMEs with a modest employee base, not exceeding 50. From a broad perspective, it looks ideal for not only setting up a business, but