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Office 365 and Its Application in Enterprise

Office 365, released in mid 2011 by Microsoft is a subscription service that allows access to different services and programs offered by Microsoft Office. The enterprise plan of the service targets SMEs with a modest employee base, not exceeding 50. From a broad perspective, it looks ideal for not only setting up a business, but

Things we must know about Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 is totally different from its earlier versions. In this article I will discuss the things everyone must know before purchasing and using Home Premium Version Microsoft Office 365: 1. Subscription fee is valid for five devices: If you pay a subscription fee for Microsoft Office 365, you will be able to use

Microsoft Office 365 for students and educational institutions

Are you a student? Would you like to use the relatively new Microsoft Office 365?  Microsoft has already released a program for students in colleges and universities as part of an educational program in Office 365. Teachers and employees of educational institutions can also get benefit from this program. I’ll show you what options are available and how