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Simple tips to get rid of Windows 8 crash

Your Windows 8 should not be crashing on you. It is not a price of software that is prone to crashing, which means you will need to put your systems under some severe stress for it to crash. Below is a list of the various stresses you may place upon your systems that may result

Microsoft slashes prices of Windows 8 and Office 2013

A 15% reduction on a simultaneous purchase of Windows 8 Pro and Office Standard 2013 licenses is proposed. It is valid for a maximum of 249 positions. Operation seduction for Microsoft. The Redmond company has launched a business initiative to give a boost to sales of its new operating system and its latest office suite

How Windows 8 Rewrites the Rules of PC Gaming

PC gaming is a platform that dramatically changes on a regular basis, but none of the other changes that PC gaming has undergone can compare to what Windows 8 has changed. Game developers are using inspiration from smartphones and integrating their ideas into intriguing games. The invention of modern technological devices such as the tablet

Will Windows 8 be The Base of The Xbox 720 UI?

A former Microsoft executive has recently affirmed that the most recent interface for the Xbox 720 will be similar to the already famous Windows 8. During an IGN interview, Joachim Kempin, who was the vice-president of Windows, stated that in his opinion, the future generation of the Xbox will feature an interface resonant with Windows

Microsoft Windows 8: A unified platform for all computing devices

Microsoft has undertaken a rather huge responsibility, something pessimists and Windows bashing parties see it being unable to fulfill. The latest version of Microsoft’s OS, Windows 8, is an attempt to make an all-encompassing operating system, unifying all sorts of end user devices; desktops, laptops, ultrabooks, tablets and smartphones under one banner. A single platform