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Everything you need to know about Windows 8 | Reasons to upgrade to Windows 8

Windows 8, the wave is about to fall on the computers of this world and the first echoes are hardly engaging … There are many critics of the new Microsoft operating system and perhaps now you doubt the validity of the update. If the criticisms against Windows 8 is deserved for the most part, it

Improved System Restore on Windows 8

The Redmond company released the new feature of its next operating system; Intelligent restoration. Since Windows XP, system restore system had not changed and began to slightly older, Microsoft wants to make this function more effective and user-friendly in Windows 8. There will be two functions in Windows 8 that will offer new intelligent restoration: Refresh: This new feature

What is new in Windows 8 | Windows 8 Features

Windows 8 is a new awaited product by Microsoft. Let’s see in this article what to expect: Windows 8 features, new way to use Windows…… A new Interface Windows 8 would be the biggest change to the OS since Windows 95 (the first operating system to accommodate this companion who stayed with us for over

Windows 8 Hardware necessities for desktops, laptop, tablets and convertibles

With the advancement of technology, a huge development has also taken place in the world of Microsoft Windows. Windows 8 is about to release in October 2012. Computer technicians must be aware of, the hardware requirements of Windows 8 and the alterations that this new dais will bring at the arrival of Windows 8. It was in the

Samsung unveils the Galaxy Note 2 and Windows 8 Phone Ativ-S

Samsung leaked the technical specifications of Galaxy Note 2 which will be available in October as well introduced the Ativ-S, first officially introduced Windows 8 Phone. Samsung held the upper hand with unveiling the Galaxy Note 2 and the first model of smartphone with Windows 8 OS. As suggested in the many leaks that have occurred