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Samsung’s Series 7 Chronos Windows 8 Ultrabook – Review

Samsung unveiled this good looking machine at the Consumer Electronics Show 2013 held at Las Vegas recently, and it was definitely one of the stars of the show. The Chronos 7 is business centric, and runs Win 8 with a touchscreen. We have not seen such a business friendly device from this company for some

Ten gadgets presented at CES 2013

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2013 in Las Vegas, which closed its doors on January 11, has a wealth of high-tech objects. FTechBlog has comeup with ten gadgets presented at CES 2013 in Las Vegas. Touch table Put it on a tripod and that this touchpad transformed into a coffee table. Defense to topple his beer.

Window Cleaning Robot at CES 2013

At the CES 2013 held in Las Vegas, Winbot Ecovacs 7, a robot that cleans the window panes so independent, was presented to the public in Las Vegas. It is a kind of sticking to the Roomba window and initiates a washing machine without the need of a magnetic mark on the other side of the glass. A small revolution is here!!

CES 2013: the new range of Panasonic Plasma TV

2013 will not sound the end of the plasma. Panasonic introduced us to its new range of televisions. It has 3 models compatible with the 3D ZT60, VT60 and ST60. Similar to Panasonic LCD TVs in 2013, all plasma TVs presented here has access to Viera Connect (applications, VOD, catch-up TV …) as well as a DLNA media

CES 2013: Lenovo, a 11.6-inch yoga

Boosted by the success of Yoga 13 inches but probably little comfort in version 11 inch Windows RT already launched (understandably), Lenovo provided a third version, still 11.6 inches, but with PC components and benefiting the name Ultrabook.   It will be available in Intel Core i5 and i7 and SSD with a capacity of 128GB. Everything will be sold

CES 2013: Razer Edge

Razer, we know well for its dedicated hardware for players won the Best of CES Award  in Las Vegas a few days ago for its Windows 8 tablet game, Edge, which we had previously heard under the name Project Fiona. It is a tablet with Windows 8 OS, with a 10.1 “1366 × 768, 4GB of RAM and an Intel Core i5

CES 2013: Wacky gadgets at Vegas show

LAS VEGAS – Some of the weirdest gadgets at the International CES 2013 show are designed to solve problems you never knew you had. Are you eating too fast? A digital fork will let you know. Is your toddler having trouble sitting still on the potty? Let the iPotty come to the rescue. Are you

Samsung TVs at CES 2013

  The South Korean company would offer differentiated Ultra HD TVs at the Consumer Electronics Show 2013. Samsung’s generated; a rare expectation about its new family of TVs will be shown at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this year. Besides the prototype Curved OLED-TV the company introduced a diverse range of appliances and digital cameras that gradually will be publish.