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Here are the Minimum requirements for a Smartphone to use Firefox OS

The installation of mobile Firefox browser and Firefox appstore Marketplace, 800 MHz processor and 256 MB of RAM are among the basic specifications for Firefox OS. Mozilla has released the minimum software and hardware specification that must meet the devices with the logo \”Powered by Firefox OS\”. These include the installation of mobile Firefox browser and the appstore Firefox Marketplace also. These requirements

MWC 2013: LG presents three of its smartphones L series II

LG promised us the “fast, stylish and creative ”for the Mobile World Congress and its new L-series II Quentin went to meet them, he tested the devices, verify that the specifications that had leaked earlier were true … His verdict: cheap smartphone with Jelly Bean, which emerge in the spring: the key to success. The LG Optimus series has always

MWC 2013 – LG introduces the smallest wireless charger in the world

As you can imagine, the Mobile World Congress is not only the appointment of smartphones and tablets upscale, but also the time for small accessories sometimes forgotten to shine. This is the case of the new wireless charger from LG, the world’s smallest.   More and more devices are equipped with the standard Qi (attention, as

MWC 2013: HTC One voted best new smartphone

The new high-end smartphone from HTC, the One, was honored at the Mobile World Congress, which closed its doors yesterday. The One is not yet out boxes that are already talking about him. Even though the latest manufacturer has not been presented in Barcelona, ​​One is rated as the best smartphone in the category “Best new mobile

MWC 2013: Nokia strengthens its range with two new smartphones Lumia Windows Phone 8

Nokia is one of the manufacturers who have announced their new products in the excitement of the first day (and morning) at MWC (Mobile World Congress) in Barcelona. If the terminals presented at the exhibition were largely Android, Windows Phone 8 was also well with this particular great and friendly Nokia booth. It was quite original

MWC2013: A wireless charger for car for Nokia Lumia

The wireless charging introduced by the Lumia will soon be away from home. With the revival of the following geolocation Nokia Here, the manufacturer offers in this 2013 edition of MWC (Mobile World Congress) what mobile simplify its use. The “Wireless Car Charger” will be an accessory, sold about € 70, which would allow owners of Nokia Lumia fix

MWC 2103: Photoshop Touch for Android smartphone is finally here

You think to escape at Mobile World Congress at Barcelona? But this time we are not speaking about any equipment, new smartphone or new tablet, this time here is a new application. And this is a highly anticipated software finally makes its appearance on Google Play Store: Photoshop! Certainly certainly certainly. Photoshop for Android applications exist for some

Sony Xperia Z: the thinnest tablet in the world

Billed as the “thinnest and lightest on the market,” the tablet Xperia Sony Z is one of the great innovations of the MWC in Barcelona. The tablet Xperia Z combines HD 10.1-inch screen, an 8 megapixel sensor and a waterproof only 6.9 mm thick. This is what the Japanese firm announced during a press conference for