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Best of Google I/O 2013

There are things worth noting which have either arrived or will arrive soon in the hands of all consumers, being of general interest and not just computer experts who develop platforms for Google, who finally has allocated almost this whole Google I/O 2013. The new Google maps Image Source A complete redesign came in picture through

Save content on Google Drive in one click

On May 9, Google announced the establishment of a new button (“Save to Drive”) to save web content directly into the paperless storage service of the firm, Google Drive. This new button is designed to give users access to Google Drive in a simplified way to backup content. Nicolas Garnier, in-charge of relations with developers

Make a Free Website with uCoz – A Short Review– The Free Website Maker Are you in need of quickly having a site up and running, clean looking and fully functional? Won’t you have proper IT knowledge to boast about? You can try ucoz, the free website maker that is based on a comprehensive visual editor, which lets you add and modify all elements

Google could buy WhatsApp in $1 Billion

Google could buy instant messaging application WhatsApp in billion of dollars – report says. The internet giant would have presented an economic proposal, same as WhatsApp try to raise, however, the news has not been confirmed by any authority from Google or WhatsApp. Previously, it was speculated that Facebook also sought to purchase this application, but the negotiations never materialized and determined

Microsoft slashes prices of Windows 8 and Office 2013

A 15% reduction on a simultaneous purchase of Windows 8 Pro and Office Standard 2013 licenses is proposed. It is valid for a maximum of 249 positions. Operation seduction for Microsoft. The Redmond company has launched a business initiative to give a boost to sales of its new operating system and its latest office suite