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Apple iTV with iRing will be available late 2013

Apple is getting ready to come in your living room.. this time not in the form of iPads or iPods, Apple has planned to strike your living room with Apple iTV. There are many rumors about Apple iTV availability and iTV price. Anyhow we have also comeup with some studies: 1. Apple iTV will be

Facebook will introduce its own smartphone | Facebook Smartphone

On Thursday April 4, Facebook could launch a smartphone with an Android operating system dedicated to the social network. Facebook Team has invited the local media in their premises, Menlo Park, California (United States) for a press conference on 4 April. The purpose of this visit leaves little room for doubt: “Come and see our new home on Android” and proclaims

Facebook: Reply to a comment on a Page, from myth to reality

For several months, Facebook was testing a feature expected by many users: the ability to respond to a comment with a suitable layout. The social network announced that it was now available to all pages optionally … before becoming compulsory from July. Aware of the difficulty of following some conversations in the comments, Facebook worked for several

Biggest cyberattack slows down Internet


Here are the Minimum requirements for a Smartphone to use Firefox OS

The installation of mobile Firefox browser and Firefox appstore Marketplace, 800 MHz processor and 256 MB of RAM are among the basic specifications for Firefox OS. Mozilla has released the minimum software and hardware specification that must meet the devices with the logo \”Powered by Firefox OS\”. These include the installation of mobile Firefox browser and the appstore Firefox Marketplace also. These requirements