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Evernote confirms it has been hacked and reset passwords

Evernote confirms it has been hacked The ratings service in the cloud, Evernote confirmed that it has been hacked yesterday. His team of developers reported an unauthorized access to its systems platform through a security breach, which have been compromised email addresses, the passwords (encrypted) and user names. As important fact worth noting that no evidence has been found that the payment data and

Firefox OS: start with ZTE and Alcatel future with Sony

There is not that Android at MWC. Today was also the great day of Firefox OS, the operating system Mozilla. As Ubuntu OS, Mozilla aims to break the monopoly Apple / Android and get a place in the mobile game, aiming especially in developing markets. Firefox OS is fully developed using open standards and so anyone can create applications by

MWC 2013: LG presents three of its smartphones L series II

LG promised us the “fast, stylish and creative “for the Mobile World Congress and its new L-series II Quentin went to meet them, he tested the devices, verify that the specifications that had leaked earlier were true … His verdict: cheap smartphone with Jelly Bean, which emerge in the spring: the key to success. The LG Optimus series has always

MWC 2013 – LG introduces the smallest wireless charger in the world

As you can imagine, the Mobile World Congress is not only the appointment of smartphones and tablets upscale, but also the time for small accessories sometimes forgotten to shine. This is the case of the new wireless charger from LG, the world’s smallest.   More and more devices are equipped with the standard Qi (attention, as

MWC 2013: HTC One voted best new smartphone

The new high-end smartphone from HTC, the One, was honored at the Mobile World Congress, which closed its doors yesterday. The One is not yet out boxes that are already talking about him. Even though the latest manufacturer has not been presented in Barcelona, ​​One is rated as the best smartphone in the category “Best new mobile