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How Wearable Data Acquisition is Helping Sports

When it comes to innovative wearable data acquisition look no further than the Zepp multi-sport sensor. At this point it might be worth noting that we are not on Zepp’s wage bill nor do we have any affiliate marketing deals with them, but the product is just a great example of what can be done

How technology is changing the way that we interact

If you look back 20 years at the way we accessed information, worked, and our leisure behaviours that were very different to what we see today. Technology has driven our behaviours to evolve massively. As people will most fundamental things we do is interact with other human beings. We are a social animal and that

Keeping Your Employees Happy – 5 Top Tips

I know fat pay-checks may go a long way for some employees to be happy, but employee happiness is much more than light workloads, countless holidays and lots of money. In fact, the happiest employees put their bliss down to good incentive programmes, ample benefits, career advancement opportunities, effective internal software and a good work

Behind the Wheel? — Looking at Self-Driving Cars

You may have seen driverless vehicles in Sly Stallone’s futuristic action movie Demolition Man, but the film’s vision hasn’t been wide of the mark in the end. Recently, the prospect of such vehicles edged even closer, as the United Kingdom announced that it would allow trials of the vehicles to be carried out on public roads

RailYatri: Your best friend on the train

It is probably a sign of our times that while on one hand, there is no dearth of train travel apps on the other hand, very few are equipped to provide information that a traveller needs. Most apps end up being clones of another, providing the same basic information in a different format. The one