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How to Securely Store and Share Confidential Documents Online

Filing cabinets, folders and paper shredders are becoming increasingly obsolete as businesses and homes around the world move to a paperless state. Nowadays, instead of paper cuts, food stains and feisty staples, we are faced by new dilemmas such as forgotten passwords, unsaved progress and malignant viruses. So how do you safeguard your business from

The Warning Signs of Malware Infection and How to Protect Your PC

In case you don’t know, here is stating the obvious: the Internet is not a safe place. There are always threats lurking on your next click. Defined by Webopedia as “software designed specifically to damage or disrupt a system,” malware, short for malicious ware or malevolent ware, has caused havoc globally. According to a previous

Must Read: 5 Useful Tips for Microsoft Access

Despite temptations to use Excel instead and offerings from other database competitors, Access still remains widely used as, it does what it says on the tin – it enables the storage, retrieval and reporting on, data, simply. Here are 5 essential tips for Microsoft Access that will make your experience nice and smooth. 1.  

Points to Remember for Mobile Apps Developers for Successful Game Designing

Introduction of latest smart phones like iPhone, Blackberry, Android etc. has revolutionized the mobile gaming world. Developing a mobile game has become integral part of mobile application development for its immensely growing popularity among new generation. Mobile game developers have brought much sophistication and finesse in the gaming software, which needs substantial skill and knowledge. Many of

How to View a presentation without Microsoft PowerPoint

A PowerPoint presentation plays an important role in every business organization as it does in every other area of this fast-paced corporate world. In a tussled environment, not every viewer has PowerPoint installed on their computer, rendering the presentation incompatible. In this case, the viewer can still view the presentation that has been tailor-created for

How To Use A Spy Camera Pen

Do you have a secret yearning to go undercover? Have those childhood dreams of being a spy resurfaced now that you are an adult? Maybe you just can’t resist the chance to secretly record your interactions with friends and family. In the past this technology was expensive and mostly out of reach for the average

Things we must know about Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 is totally different from its earlier versions. In this article I will discuss the things everyone must know before purchasing and using Home Premium Version Microsoft Office 365: 1. Subscription fee is valid for five devices: If you pay a subscription fee for Microsoft Office 365, you will be able to use

Trick to Operate Many Twitter accounts with one E-Mail Address

As you know that Twitter is the fastest growing social network. It has proved to be a very essential and very useful platform to publicize your Services and your Company. But on the other hand it is also a good social platform too. So so as to take full advantage people often make different accounts