CES 2013: Battle for the screens and hyperconnected world


Las Vegas – The battle for the conquest of the kingdom of smart TVs and ultra real definition is about to begin. Two titans South Korean LG and Samsung, come face to face with a series of releases that seek to captivate the tech world during the Fair of Consumer Electronics (CES, for its acronym in English).

Some of the bets are already known, others remain a mystery before the biggest technology trade show in the world opens its doors. LG, for example, betting on the Ultra High Definition (HD Ultra) with a 84-inch screen, a trend which will be added to the Japanese firm Sony.

LG also renewed its catalog of Smart TVs -Internet connected to navigate the network and consume content on demand in-line with its new series “Cinema 3D Smart TV” that offers options to share content and greater interactivity with the user.

Samsung , who heads the TV market according to research firm NPD DisplaySearch, bet heavily on its next generation of television OLED (Organic LED) days after its competitor LG had announced the presale of its 55-inch OLED display, 4 millimeters thick and about 10 kilograms in weight which showed during CES 2012.

But Samsung for CES 2013 promises a big surprise with a new TV “that is unlike anything the world has ever seen.” Mystery still prevails as a two-day meeting that starts no official announcement, but promotional videos circulating on the net suggest that television could be a “transparent”, similar to a window. But they are just rumors.

Last year, these titans launched their most disruptive technological bets with seeking to revitalize the TV market: the Smart TV (Internet-connected TV able to surf the web and consume online content like Netflix) with gesture recognition and voice, 3D TVs and OLED technology that gives greater clarity and realism to the screen images.

These new technologies seek to revitalize a market that, according to research firm GfK Boutique Research, is facing a slowdown as it was expected that TV sales will grow by just 1% in 2012, although teams in three dimensions and connected to the Internet would register growth rates of 122% and 56%, respectively.

Samsung, which this year overtake Apple in the smartphone market according to Strategy Analytics forecasts also prepares the presentation of a flexible AMOLED display with a 5.5 inch high-definition resolution.

Some blogs suggest that Samsung could exploit the event the arrival of its new smartphone, the Galaxy S4.


The CES is the largest technology show in the world. In its 2013 edition, to be held from 8 to 11 January in the city of Las Vegas, is expected to launch 20,000 products, the presence of 3,000 exhibitors and 150,000 attendance visitors during the four days of the meeting, according to the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA, for its acronym in English).

Microsoft, under the leadership of Steve Ballmer, announced in the edition of 2012 it would no longer participate in this show just before the official launch of its new operating system Windows 8, but the company will present its new operating system through the new supply of tablets and computers that will be shown this year.

The tablets with the new Windows operating system also compete with that work with the new version of Android, called “Jelly Bean”. Expected new models of brands like LG, Acer, Samsung, Asus, Lenovo and HTC.

Microsoft also have a strong presence with the new supply of laptops and hybrid models of laptops and tablets with keyboard and touch screen.

Since last year, the company showed prototypes of Intel microprocessors for touchscreens and hybrid models this year could mark a new trend after presenting with great fanfare its proposed ultralight laptops, called ultrabooks, which reached the market in the same 2012.

Connectivity and integration of high technology in everyday life is an unstoppable trend, where the auto industry has decided to stomp.

In the 2013 edition of the CES, automakers like Audi, Chevrolet, Ford and Toyota will present the integration of information technology and connectivity that will revolutionize the management of vehicles.

Toyota announced that it will introduce the Lexus AASRV (Advanced Active Safety Research Vehicle), a vehicle that, like the one developed by Google, aims to develop a self-management system to be able to conduct himself.

Through lectures and presentations, the 2013 CES will bet on the home networking, industry and society, in areas such as health, telecommunications, home appliances and motor vehicles to demonstrate that a future where almost everything can be controlled from the palm of the hand with a smartphone and applications, is more a reality than mere science fiction.

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