CES 2013: the new range of Panasonic Plasma TV

2013 will not sound the end of the plasma. Panasonic introduced us to its new range of televisions. It has 3 models compatible with the 3D ZT60, VT60 and ST60.

Similar to Panasonic LCD TVs in 2013, all plasma TVs presented here has access to Viera Connect (applications, VOD, catch-up TV …) as well as a DLNA media player and USB (LAN). Small change compared to LCDs, plasmas use active 3D technology. They therefore delivers a 3D image in full resolution (Full HD: 1920 x 1080 pixels). In return, their glasses embark electronics and are heavier and more expensive than passive versions.

ZT60 Series

panasonic tv at ces 2013New flagship of the range plasma, ZT60 steals the show at VT60. This new model has a new panel plasma, called Studio Master Panel. In addition to brightness and contrast higher, it covers an antiglare filter more efficient than models in 2012. The manufacturer also focuses on the manufacture of its new televisions or unleaded mercury. Finally, all the high-end features are in the game. Note the presence of a rhythmic motion compensation to “3000 Hz” (frequency purely marketing, the actual frequency is not given), a processor double heart, voice control, a second remote with touchpad (Viera Touch Pad Controller) to navigate through the menus simply and finally, an integrated camera for video conferencing on Skype. A new feature called Touch Pen appeared on the plasma models only. It allows you to draw on your TV using a stylus compatible; fun for kids. available One diagonal: 60 inches (152 cm) TX-P60ZT60.

VT60 series

panasonic-vt60 at ces 2013VT, meanwhile, includes all the functions ZT60. However, it does not have the latest slab. This TV incorporates that of the VT50, the Infinite Black Ultra. diagonal Three available: 50 inches (127 cm) TX-P50VT60, 60 inch (152 cm) TX-P60ST60 and 65 inches (165 cm) TX-P65VT60.

ST60 series

panasonic-st60 ces 2013We go down another notch in the range to reach the ST60. This TV is distinguished by its Infinite Black Pro panel and motion compensation announced at 2500 Hz processor loses the heart of the double-top models, the second remote control, voice control and Touch Pen. In the end, it simply essential and should deliver good image quality knowing that retains the technical characteristics of the ST50. diagonal Four will be sold: 50 inches (127 cm) TX-P50ST60, 55-inch (140 cm ) TX-P55ST60, 60 inch (152 cm) TX-P60ST60 and 65 inches (165 cm) TX-P65ST60.

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